Studies & Reports Pertaining to Trapping & Furbearer Conservation

trapping & furbearer management

"Furbearer Management in North America maintains wild furbearer populations at sustainably harvestable, scientifically determined and socially acceptable levels. Furbearer management impacts numerous wildlife populations and habitats, and human health, safety and property."


Northeast Furbearer Resources Technical Committee: Trapping & Furbearer Management

"Trapping and Furbearer Management in North American Wildlife Conservation" is a compilation of the knowledge, insights and experiences of professional wildlife biologists who are responsible for the conservation of wildlife resources throughout the United States and Canada.


Calamity By design:

The Chelmsford Example

What happens when Animal Rights groups and politics muddy the waters of wildlife management and regulated trapping? A prime example lies in a small Massachusetts town, where beaver trapping was outlawed - brifley. 


Northern Woodlands:

Why Regulated Trapping Still Has A Place.