You can make a difference. Support for science-based wildlife management starts with informing your friends, family, legislators and neighbors.


Spread the Word

Educate your neighbors about the importance of wildlife management. Write letters to your local newspapers when the topic of hunting and trapping come under scrutiny. Submit written or verbal testimony to your representatives when flawed or restrictive legislation arises. Articulate your message in a respectful and intelligent, fact-based approach. Develop a close, pleasant relationship with your state conservation officers, biologists, and policy makers. The information and concepts contained within this resource website are at your disposal. Hands-on wildlife conservation and advocacy for hunting and trapping starts with you.

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Local Support

If you are a resident Sportsman and/or Conservationist of New Hampshire, you can also utilize the talking points found throughout this website to educate our local lawmakers. NH Sportsmen/women work directly with our state Fish & Game agency to support funding, give input on state game species management, and volunteer our time. Feel free to contact your local House Representative, Senator, or Fish & Game Commissioner at one of the links below: