THE Furbearer Conservation™ PROJECT is an advocacy website, resource, and think tank engaged in the discussion of sustainable use, regulated trapping, and conservation of our natural resources. We hope to promote thought provoking discussion on wildlife policy, THE BENEFITS OF Regulated Trapping And wildlife control activities in the 21st century, and champion science based wildlife management techniques which seek to foster a healthy balance of both habitat and wildlife diversity.

Our Mission

Since 2014, Furbearer Conservation™ has led an effort to advocate for hands-on wildlife policy and science-based wildlife management. The intent is to advocate for ethical furbearer management protocols, wildlife biodiversity, and conservation for future generations to enjoy and protect. This includes support for both seasonal regulated fur trapping as well as human/wildlife conflict resolution situations (known as nuisance wildlife control or animal damage control.)

Furbearer Conservation is focused on public outreach to citizens about the many positive benefits of wildlife management ideals for a diverse natural landscape; as well as presenting, in detail, the integral role hunting and trapping plays in our unique ecosystem.

Few conservationists champion wildlife and wild places more than licensed hunters and trappers. This statement is solidified through the passion and desire of thousands of licensed citizens who wish to see native furbearer populations and habitat continue to flourish for millennia to come.

This website, and all associated public relations will be strongly utilized to promote regulated trapping, hands-on wildlife management, and sustainable use of our natural resources.

Additionally, the time has long come to take back the term conservation from a growing protectionist ideology - which seeks to restrict use and access to nature, rather than mediate and conserve it. Conservation of our wild places includes regulated use and physical monitoring; fundamentals which are promoted through heavily modernized and regulated activities like hunting and trapping.

Furbearer Conservation has been created to open a dialogue, and to solidify and sanction ethical wildlife conservation endeavors.