OFMF: Trapping - Its not about fur coats

What with New York City in the midst of a fur ban debacle, California lawmakers pushing hard to tell YOU you can’t wear fur OR manage wild resources, and of course, New Hampshire activists STILL harassing Miss New Hampshire over accepting the gift of a locally-sourced fur coat from the NH Trappers Association - we were elated with the seemingly perfect timing of a new web-based video short from Ontario Fur Managers Federation. Just in case there was any question, there’s more to regulated trapping than a fur coat.

Yes - we are all well aware that international demand for natural fur is a huge component of the trapping industry. But to suggest, in 2019, that fur coats are the sole reason for regulated trapping taking place on the landscape - well, let’s just say we’ve built an entire website around breaking down that misconception (not to mention all the other aspects of modern trapping that are either purposely or inadvertantly taken out of context).

Since assuming the role of licensed (and regulated) trapper some two decades ago, I’ve gone from self-reliant woods-bum, to fur tanner and garment-maker, to wildlife damage control agent, to budding field biologist, to outdoor conservation writer - and I’m just getting warmed up!

Trapping adds a multitude of benefits to modern conservation endeavors - go ahead and read more on our “Why Trap?” page.

Enjoy this brief little number from Carmen Cotnoir and the Ontario Fur Managers Federation. If you’re so inclined, you can give them (and this video) a “like” on the organization’s Facebook page while you’re at it.