As trapping ban looms, California expands Nutria eradication efforts.

Despite a looming state-wide trapping ban, millions in funding continue to be thrown at a growing nutria invasion. In a year’s time, California’s “nutria eradication task force” has set up 487 camera stations, conducted 1,600 camera checks and administered 995 trap sets. Farmers in San Joaquin Valley have donated five tons of sweet potatoes to be used as nutria bait, according to media reports.

The Sharks of Suburbia: An urban coyote diet

Collectively, we don’t seem to be shocked by the presence of other wild species such as raccoons, skunks, and opossums roaming the back alleys of concrete and brick - but the coyote’s presence seems to catch the attention of the public and professionals in far greater numbers; and far greater curiosity.

Man carries dead raccoon into California McDonald’s

Its painfully obvious not everyone in San Francisco is “on board” with the city’s recent ridiculous ban on fur garments. A McDonald’s chain restaurant became the center of attention after a man entered the establishment with a dead raccoon.

Bash those “lowly” trappers, at your own peril.

Bash those “lowly” trappers, at your own peril.

Take a look at recent headlines across the country. In the wake of a reported “decline” in hunting and trapping activities, one need not wait long to catch a report of nuisance wildlife issues, disease outbreaks, or worse yet - attacks on people. Hey, maybe it’s all just a conspiracy put out by the “fur industry”. Or maybe it’s time critics of trapping start reformulating their arguments.