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Sustainable use: Five Years of Furbearer Conservation!

And just like that, five years have come and gone. We’ve dissected misconceptions around predator management, pointed to important aspects of wildlife conservation funding, exemplified the leaps and bounds the broader trapping community continues to improve upon, and even made room to reference the current trends of mitigating the needs of people with the needs of wildlife.

When it comes to Conservation, we've got "Issues".

When it comes to Conservation, we've got "Issues".

Introducing our new “Issues” page! The inevitable truth is that some people are hellbent on yanking the licensed hunter and regulated trapper out of the conservation equation. I’ve made it my mission, call it my “civic duty”, along with my constituents and contributors, to “hold the line” and ensure that hands-on management continues - provided it adds wealth to conservation efforts.

Live Free And Trap is now "Furbearer Conservation"!

Its been pretty clear lately that Live Free And Trap has outgrown its title in recent years. What once was a created as a podunk response to the growing local animal rights social media presence in New Hampshire (a play on the state's Live Free Or Die motto), it has now become a true grassroots movement spanning an entire continent. The question many months ago was, "how do I properly convey the motives of this brand, and achieve a more robust and all encompassing message through the brand"?