In absence of trappers, Arkansas issues cull permits

For many in the hunting/conservation worlds, the announcement of Arkansas’ predator permit is a double edged sword. While the permit allows for a restoration of conservation balance, it also raises concerns with the socially perceived wanton waste of natural resources - the furbearers themselves.

Baby Opossums Get New Lease on New England Life

Thanks to my experience as a licensed trapper, I know that this time of year the odds are particularly good for Virginia Opossums (Didelphis virginiana) to be carrying around a litter of newborn young in their pouches.

Predators may not be "controlling" Lyme Disease as some thought

Predators may not be "controlling" Lyme Disease as some thought

They say water is good for your health. Too much water however, is toxic, and can lead to death. North America’s predators are great - but they aren’t Gods. Both top and meso predators alike should be regarded as a key component of wildlife ecology, but also require the same conservation management as other wild species.