Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator

Love, musk is in the air for New England furbearers!

While Valentine’s Day has come and gone for folks in the Northeast, its safe to say romance, and in this case, gland secretions, still linger in the March air for many of the region’s wildlife populations.

Unusual bat species found in Connecticut home, says DEEP

An uncommon bat species is discovered clinging in the basement of a home in eastern Connecticut, according to state wildlife officials.

Nuisance Wildlife & Non-lethal Alternatives

Nuisance Wildlife & Non-lethal Alternatives

For all the time I spend in the back-country pursuing fur-bearer species for pelts and sustenance, I spend even more time the rest of the year educating clients and landowners as to all the options available for dealing with "pest" wildlife issues. Its time to discuss some other aspects of being a knowledgeable and skilled trapper. Aspects which sometimes don't involve any traps at all.