Roadkill salvage: when to hold ‘em, and when to fold ‘em

Trappers are known to be a resourceful bunch - making good use of pretty much anything lying around. Occasionally, that includes what’s found while cruising the local roadways! Picking up car-struck critters, a term I’ve dubbed “roadkill salvage”, can have its benefits. It’s not just for trappers and fur handlers either…

Activists flip-flop on local trappers, Miss NH Pageant

For decades, the New Hampshire Trapper’s Association has generously donated a brand new fur coat each year to the winner of the Miss NH Scholarship Program. While this makes the NH pageant unique, it also makes the program an easy target for activists who aren’t content with just “agreeing to disagree”.

Beaver Booze: The creation of castoreum whiskey

Beaver Booze: The creation of castoreum whiskey

A result of the ever-intuitive and creative minds at the Tamworth Distillery, Eau De Musc pairs flavors like birch oil and wild ginger with the wildest of ingredients: beaver castor. Yes, you read that right - a beaver gland infused spirit. Imagine my surprise when my two worlds suddenly collided into one exquisite presentation.