Women in the outdoors: Sustainable-use fur trapping

Women’s History Month just wrapped up in March - so we figured what better send-off than with a “Women in the Outdoors” post of our own!

We’ve followed the works of Katie Ball’s Silver Cedar Studio for some time now - but we never knew the whole backstory. Thanks to a video short by Shaw Spotlight, and a recommendation from fellow fur designer and Native Alaskan Christy Ruby - we have some deeper insight into Katie’s business, heritage, and her proud sustainable use of Canada’s natural resources.

Katie’s story and advocacy embodies our mission, and the tagline of the Furbearer Conservation project: “Sustainable Use. Protect The Resource.”

We give a heartfelt “shout-out” to Katie, and all the women across North America supporting and showcasing their self-reliant roots in the outdoors!

Check out the full video below:

Katie Ball spent her childhood trapping animals with her father. She now tackles the fur trapping industry in her own way by creating signature fur clothing and accessories.

(Photo |  Truth About Fur  / Alyssa Lloyd,  Bushwoman Workshops .)

(Photo | Truth About Fur / Alyssa Lloyd, Bushwoman Workshops.)